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Keep your fridge and your food as fresh as can be with our cooling accessories. 

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  • Electrolux - Defrost spray - E6FCS106

    Defrost spray


    Regular defrosting makes your fridge and freezer run more efficiently. This quick and easy defrosting spray speeds up thawing and enables you to remove the ice faster. Simply leave the spray on for 10-15 minutes and remove the ice with the Electrolux ice scraper without scratching the surface.

  • Electrolux - Fridge bottle holder - E4RHBH01

    Fridge bottle holder


    Keep your beverages cool with this universal fridge bottle holder. It stores up to three 1.5 liter bottles or six cans in a space only ten cm high - enabling you to save space as well as organize and optimize the space in your fridge. Dimensions: Length: 330 mm, depth: 305 mm, height: 115 mm.

  • Electrolux - Fresh keeper mat - E3RSMA01

    Fresh keeper mat


    Keep fruits and vegetables fresh for longer in the fridge. This universal fresh keeper mat cleverly allows air to circulate in the fruit- and vegetable compartment, preventing bad odours and build up of mould. It helps your groceries to stay fresh and crunchy and a great way of avoiding waste. Just cut the filter to the right size. Dimensions: Max size 31.5 cm x 45.7 cm

  • Electrolux - Fresh keeper mat - E6RK4106

    Fresh keeper mat