Dehumidifier EXD20DN3W

Electrolux - Dehumidifier - EXD20DN3W

The highly portable option

So easy to move from room to room using the sturdy handle on the top, this portable unit also has smooth castors designed to protect your floor. These, plus its compact size, mean it’s a truly flexible choice.

Electrolux - Dehumidifier - EXD20DN3W

Modern Scandinavian looks

Its design is distinctively Scandinavian, combining contemporary, clean lines with sophisticated function, including an easy-to-read LED display. So it blends seamlessly into any modern home.

Electrolux - Dehumidifier - EXD20DN3W

Inhale the purity

As CompactDry dehumidifies, the ioniser helps trap dust and allergens, efficiently cleansing the air before you breathe it. So you can relax in the knowledge that the air around you is purer and healthier for you and the family.

Electrolux - Dehumidifier - EXD20DN3W

Reduce dampness faster

Turbo-Dry removes excess water vapour from the air quickly and powerfully. It rapidly reduces humidity to 45% and then uses a fan to finish drying, keeping damp and condensation completely under control. Ideal for steamy bathrooms or for dry hanging laundry faster.

Electrolux - Dehumidifier - EXD20DN3W

Handy auto functions

Because it’s fitted with Auto-Stop, this unit’s water tank won’t overflow when it’s full. The dehumidifier will automatically stop and only start again when you empty the tank. And Auto-Defrost means it keeps working reliably in cold conditions, however low the temperature falls.

Tech specification

Key specification
  • Energy class, heating: /None
  • Heating/cooling effect, kW: /
  • COP/SCOP: -/-
  • EER/SEER: -/-
  • Noise level, dB(A): 47-
  • Moisture removal, l/h: 20
  • Ambient temp, °C: 5-35
  • Functie de dezumidificare pentru o atmosfera mai proaspata.
  • Energy class, heating: /None
  • Heating/cooling effect, kW: /
  • COP/SCOP: -/-
  • EER/SEER: -/-
  • Noise level, dB(A): 47-
  • Moisture removal, l/h: 20
  • Ambient temp, °C: 5-35
  • Cooling Capacity W: 20
  • PNC: 922 718 052
  • Operation Temperature: 5-35
  • Filters: Dust filter
  • Compressor Type: Rotary
  • Refrigerant, g: R134a/0.17
  • Mode: Continuous, Dry, SMD (smart dehumidifying)
  • ProdPartCode: All Open

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  • The highly portable option
  • Modern Scandinavian looks
  • Inhale the purity


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