Handheld vacuum cleaner ZB4106WD

Electrolux - Handheld vacuum cleaner - ZB4106WD

Front wheels

The wheels will ease off your hand/wrist while cleaning…

Electrolux - Handheld vacuum cleaner - ZB4106WD

Cordless, Rechargeable

Rechargeable battery operated cleaner. Can be taken anywhere.

Electrolux - Handheld vacuum cleaner - ZB4106WD

Wet & Dry Function

Clean all wet and dry spills with ease and without hesitation

Tech specification

Key specification
  • Battery type: NiMH
  • Vacuum Cleaner Type: -
  • Vacuum Cleaner Style: Wet & Dry
  • Charging time h: 16
  • Surface Type: Information not available
  • Running time: 14
  • Filter type: Dust cup
  • Charging indicator light: A blue light indicates when the vacuum cleaner needs to be recharged.
  • Soft touch handle: Soft touch handle for easy and comfortable grip.
  • Easy dust emptying: The dust container can be easily removed and emptied. Alternatively the dust can be sucked out via the patented front lid while using your main vacuum cleaner.
  • Double filtration: The construction of the inner and the outer filter give more effective dust filtration.
  • Crevice nozzle: The crevice nozzle allows you to clean in those hard to reach places
  • Charging time h: 16
  • Running time: 14
  • Suction power, W: 9
  • Product number (PNC): 900 165 838
  • Battery type: NiMH
  • Vacuum Cleaner Type: -
  • Vacuum Cleaner Style: Wet & Dry
  • Surface Type: Information not available
  • Filter type: Dust cup
  • Handheld cleaner - Max airflow motor: 12
  • Other: Rubber blade for liquid
  • Dust compartment volume: 0,5
  • Type: Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
  • Storage: Charging stand with wall mounting

Other products

Electrolux - Handheld vacuum cleaner - ZB4112
Handheld vacuum cleaner
  • Front wheels
  • Cordless, Rechargeable
  • Easy emptying
  • Double filtration


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