Sous Vide vacuum sealer EVD29900AX

Seal in moisture and flavour

Moisture and flavour are key to great taste. You preserve and enhance them to the utmost by vacuum sealing all your ingredients together in a bag in the built-in CombiVac Sealer drawer. Isolating food from air intensifies the taste.

For meals that are ready to cook when you want them

Store your food so it retains its flavours perfectly by professionally vacuum sealing it in the Vac Sealer drawer. This also makes it possible to conveniently prepare meals in advance

Preserves food longer

Vacuum sealing your food preserves it longer than normal fridge storage, so you can confidently prepare great food in advance, knowing it will taste just as fresh when served.

Make your meals whenever it suits you

The clock no longer dictates your cooking schedule by vacuum sealing to prepare and store meals. They will remain perfectly preserved until you serve them.

Electrolux - Sous Vide vacuum sealer - EVD29900AX

The best way to protect food from factors that impact quality and safety

Store your food with maximum hygiene and protect it from air, humidity and external organisms by sealing it in any standard food bag using this 29cm Vac Sealer.

Tech specification

Installation diagram
Key specification
  • Functions: Vacuuming 99.9% & sealing right bar
  • Colour: Stainless Steel with antifingerprint coating
  • Usable chamber volume: 10
  • Vacuum pump power, m³/h: 4
  • Max Bag Dimensions: 350x250
  • BI_Dimensions_VacuumSealerDrawer: 295x560x550
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 105x353x275
  • Usable chamber volume: 10
  • PNC: 947 727 243
  • Functions: Vacuuming 99.9% & sealing right bar
  • Vacuum pump power, m³/h: 4
  • Voltage: 220-230
  • ProdPartCode: KR Open

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Electrolux - Sous Vide vacuum sealer - EVDP2980AX
Sous Vide vacuum sealer
  • Unleash your creativity 
  • Premium design for the sophisticated kitchen
  • Preserve the best in your food's taste and texture
  • For meals that are ready to cook when you want them


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