Integrated dishwasher ESL8550RA

Electrolux - Integrated dishwasher - ESL8550RA

A sparkling finish, no handwashing at all

You no longer need to spend time or effort handwashing your delicate. Our advanced GlassCare System with unique SoftGrip feature holds each glass securely in place throughout the clean and protects them from movement and vibration. Ensuring no cracks, breakage or watermarks.

Electrolux - Integrated dishwasher - ESL8550RA

Naturally inspired drying

Our new AirDry technology uses natural airflow to finish the drying. It opens the door by 10 cm in the last part of the cycle until you´re ready to unload. A natural way to get maximum drying performance while effectively reducing your energy costs.

Electrolux - Integrated dishwasher - ESL8550RA

Glass care, beyond comparison

Your glasses emerge safe and sparkling with the GlassCare system. The top basket is designed to hold each glass securely in place, protecting them from vibration and preventing breakages. The lower basket offers the protection with the GlassHolder, allowing you to load even the largest glasses with the taller stems.

Tech specification

Key specification
  • Installation: Fully integrated
  • Energy class: A++
  • Facet_Special_Feat_Dish_DE: AirDry
  • Dimensions (mm) (HxWxD): 818x596x550
  • Dimensions_Dishwasher_FSBU_DK: 820-900x600x570
  • Cutlery storage: Drawer
  • Double Hinges: Sliding
  • FlexiSpray arm, with it's clever double rotating action for excellent cleaning results
  • New XXL tub: XXL tub with more usable space inside, and the same size as a standard dishwasher on the outside.
  • Height adjustable upper basket: Provides more flexibility as bigger items can be loaded in the lower basket by raising the upper basket on one side, even if the basket is loaded.
  • Floor beam to update you on wash status: A spotlight shines on the floor to show the programme is running or how long is left.
  • 6 programmes, 5 temperatures
  • 44 dB(A) noise level - quiet in operation
  • Up to 24 hour time delay
  • 11 litres - more economical than washing by hand
  • Noise level, dB(A): 44
  • Settings: 15
  • Cleaning efficiency (2010/30/EC): A
  • Drying efficiency (2010/30/EC): A
  • Program: Eco 50
  • Drying System: AirDry Technology
  • Connected Load: 1950
  • Frequency: 50
  • Second Generation Energy Class: A++
  • Energy consumption (annual): 270
  • Annual water consumption, l: 3080
  • Water consumption, l: 11
  • Product number (PNC): 911 434 457
  • Energy class: A++
  • Facet_Special_Feat_Dish_DE: AirDry
  • Cutlery storage: Drawer
  • Double Hinges: Sliding
  • Cord Length: 1.6
  • Voltage: 220-240
  • Number of programmes: 6
  • Number of Temperatures: 5
  • Door Colour: None
  • Anti-flood Device: Floating switch
  • Spray arm: Satellite spray arm
  • Top spraing level: Ceiling spray arm
  • Options: My Favorite, Time Manager, XtraDry
  • Dishwasher programs: AutoFlex 45°-70°, Eco 50, FLEXIWASH, GlassCare 45°, Intensive 70, QuickPlus 60°
  • ProdPartCode: K - Customer Specific KRT


The new cleverly designed Electrolux Glass Basket leaves you free to enjoy the company of family ...


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