Draining condensate from EXP26U338HW, EXP34U338HW, EXP26U338CW and EXP34U338CW portable air conditioners

Last updated 26/08/2022 08:03


  • To which hole should the EXP26U338HW, EXP34U338HW, EXP26U338CW and EXP34U338CW condensate drainage hose be connected to the air conditioner?
  • How to drain the condensate from the EXP26U338HW, EXP34U338HW, EXP26U338CW and EXP34U338CW air conditioner?

Applies to

  • Portable air conditioner EXP26U338HW
  • Portable air conditioner EXP34U338HW
  • Portable air conditioner EXP26U338CW
  • Portable air conditioner EXP34U338CW


  • In portable air conditioners with a heating function (heat pump), depending on the operating mode of the air conditioner, the hose for draining the condensate should be connected to a dedicated hole - for the drying mode, connect the hose to the upper plug described as "Drain plug for drying mode", while for the heating function, connect the hose to the "Drain plug for heat pump". In the ventilation, auto and cooling mode, it is not necessary to connect the hose. Below is a drawing:

  • In air conditioners that do not have a heat pump (heating function), there is only one drain hole - the one described in the figure as "Drain plug for drying mode". A tube must be connected to this plug in drying mode.
  • After using the device (end of the season), unscrew the bottom cap and tilt the device to drain the condensate that has accumulated during the device operation:


  • Condensation in each mode (not counting ventilation) is formed from water vapor contained in the air from a given room
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