Integrated coffee machine makes too less milk foam or has bad frothing (video)

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  • Integrated coffee machine makes too less milk foam or has bad frothing

Applies to:

  • Integrated coffee machine


1. Check for solid milk residuals (the most common cause for problem): sometimes is enough to start "Hot milk" preparation, wait at least 15sec, stop the preparation and follow the cleaning process 

2. Make sure the gaskets on the carafe connection nozzle of the machine are clean and clear from hard milk residuals

3. Clean the milk dispenser pipe, suction pipe, the knob, the lid under hot water and with mild detergent.

Follow the complete cleaning procedure as described in paragraph "Cleaning the milk container" in the user manual

4. Use skimmed or semi-skimmed milk at refrigerator temperature (about 5°C). If the results are not as you expected, try changing the brand of milk.

5. Adjust according to the user manual, the position of the knob on the lid, to increase or decrease, in this way, the amount of froth on the milk

6. Descale the appliance:

  • Steam boiler is probably partially blocked by scales. Decalcification carried out at regular intervals cleans the boiler and the hydraulic circuit and avoids that the appliance wears out too quickly. 
  • For decalcification to be effective it must be regularly completed each time the machine requests it. The frequency depends on water hardness in your home. 
  • Decalcification is carried out by diluting a dose of product for decalcification with a litre of water, according to the instructions found on the package, in the machine’s tank. 
  • Follow the instructions in the user manual for the complete procedure (see also the instructional video below)

7. Contact the Service Centre

If not solved using the above steps, there is a problem with a functional component.


  • The milk container lid is dirty
  • The frothed milk regulator is not positioned correctly
  • The milk is not cold enough or is not semi-skimmed
  • The appliance requires descaling
  • Problem with a functional component

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