Cooker hood carbon filters - cleaning, longevity

Last updated 25/04/2024 08:48


  • How to clean the carbon filter in my cooker hood?
  • How long the carbon filters can be used?
  • How to restore a long-life carbon filter?

Applies to

  • Cooker hoods


1. Standard carbon filters must be replaced approx. every 4 months or more often if the hood is used intensively. 

  • The saturation of the carbon filter occurs after more or less prolonged use, depending on the type of cooking and the regularity of cleaning of the grease filter. In any case, it is necessary to replace the cartridge at least every four months.
  • Standard carbon filters may NOT be washed or regenerated.
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2. Long-life carbon filters can usually be washed and restored when they no longer absorb the steam coming from saucepans. 
  • Under normal circumstances, the filters need to be washed every 3–4 months, or more frequently with intensive use.
  • If you use the cooker hood intensively, you should only wash long-life carbon filters a maximum of 5 times. In other cases, the filters can be washed up to 8 times before it is necessary to replace them.
  • When the filters no longer absorb the smell from food preparation, you need to replace them. 

3. Restoring long-life carbon filters:

  • Put the filter in the dishwasher and use an intensive washing cycle at max. 70°C, without using any soap.
  • The filter can also be rinsed under hot tap water, without using a sponge.
  • Place the filter in the oven, when it has been drained.
  • Set the oven to 70°C and keep the filter there for two hours.

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