How does Hob²Hood function work in electronic gas plates?

Last updated 11/12/2019 11:17


  • How does Hob²Hood function work in electronic gas plates?

Applies to:

  • Electronic gas hobs


  • Hob²Hood is an advanced automatic function which connects the hob to a special hood. Both the hob and the hood have an infrared signal communicator.
  • Speed of the fan is defined automatically on the basis of the mode setting and temperature of the hottest cookware on the hob.
  • The hob automatically sets the speed of the fan according to the cooking process.
  • You can also operate the fan from the hob manually.
  • The hood operates only when the hob is activated.
  • For most of the hoods, the remote system is originally deactivated. Activate it before you use the function. For more information refer to the hood user manual. Download user manual.

Automatic Hob²Hood modes

ModeMode descriptionAutomatic lightAutomatic fan speed
H1Auto lightOnOff
H2Fixed speedOn1
H3Auto speed lowOn0-1
H4Auto speed midOn0-1
H5Auto speed highOn0-2
H6Auto speed intenseOn0-3



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