How to turn off DEMO mode in Electronic gas hob?

Last updated 18/05/2020 11:25


  • Electronic gas hob display is working, but no sparking and no gas flowing
  • How to turn off DEMO mode in Electronic gas hob?

Applies to:

  • Electronic gas hobs


1. Touch the on/off keypad for 3 sec, until display is switched off. 

  • Then touch Hob2Hood keypad for 3 sec until timer display is switched on.
  • When demo mode in on, the display will show "do".

2. Touch the + keypad, the "o" will disappear. 

Then touch the timer keypad to save and switch off the hob (or wait for automatic switch off).

Note: Demo Mode is active till it is deactivated, despite a power failure or disconnection from power supply.


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