Induction hob emits an unusual sound

Last updated 13/06/2023 08:58


  • Induction hob emits an unusual sound
  • Induction hob is noisy
  • Induction hob emits buzzing, humming sounds

Applies to

  •  induction hobs


1. Possible operating noises of your induction hob/cooker: 

  • Crackling sounds can possibly be caused by cooking utensils made of different materials ("sandwich" type of construction). 
  • Whistling noises can possibly be caused using one or more cooking zones with a large heating stage and the cookware made of different materials ("sandwich" type of construction). 
  • Humming noises can be possibly caused by using a large heating stage. 
  • Clicking noises can be possibly be heard during electronic switching operations. 
  • Hissing and humming noises can possibly be heard when the blower is running.

These described noises are normal and does not indicate a defect.


  • Pans for use on induction hobs come in various types and designs. To work effectively on induction though, at least the base must be made of an iron-based magnetic material. Cast iron is by far the best induction performer but is heavy and expensive, so often, induction pans are made of lighter metal, such as aluminium. These lighter metal pans wouldn’t ordinarily work on induction, so to ensure they can work, they are constructed with composite iron bases.
  • When buying pots for an induction hob, it is worth doing a simple test that will confirm the quality of the cookware. Put a magnet to the bottom of the pot (it can be a standard fridge magnet), it should "stick" to the pot. The harder it is to detach the magnet from the cookware, the better it will perform during use.
  • There are many types of these “sandwich” type bases, unfortunately not all perform equally or transfer energy (heat) to the main pan material effectively. Sometimes these bases can prove noisy too, as they heat up due to unequal expansion. Noises can vary from squeals to clicking and tapping sounds.
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