Scratched / cracked glass on my cook top

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  • Scratched/cracked glass on my cooktop
  • How to prevent scratches on ceramic hob

Applies to

  • All hobs with glass ceramic top
    • Induction hobs
    • Radiant hobs


1. To avoid superficial scratches similar to the picture, please consider the following:

Picture 1: Scratches on the glass ceramic

  • Immediately remove spilt spices, such as salt or sugar
  • Check the bottom of your cookware for leftover food/grains stuck to the bottom
  • Always lift your pots and pans, do not slide pots on the hob
  • Do not leave the lids of pots on the glass plate to cool down there
  • Always clean the hob immediately after use
  • Do not use the cooktop as a working surface

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2. Superficial scratches on the cooking surface can occur during daily usage

  • Scratches on black hobs without patterns are usually more noticeable than scratches on hobs with decorative printing on the glass
  • Scratches cannot be undone
  • Scratches do not impair the operability of the hob

3. ATTENTION: In case of a cracked or broken cooktop glass

  • Do not use the cooktop anymore
  • If possible, unplug the hob from the power supply
  • Book a repair by a service technician to get the glass plate replaced

Superficial scratches as described above are not covered by a warranty.

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