Sparks inside cooking compartment

Last updated 05/12/2022 06:27

If there are sparks inside the cooking compartment, refer to the suggestions below for step-by-step instructions.

Warning: Do not use the microwave function when the oven compartment is empty.

  • The microwave function used in an empty oven typically generates sparks inside the compartment.
  • Switch off the oven immediately if this happens, to prevent damage to the oven.

If you find that fewer sparks are produced when either the rack or one of the trays is used in combination with the microwave function, this usually only happens when there is a very small amount of food or liquid in the oven. 

  • Try placing a large cup of water at the side for a few minutes and check if there are still sparks.
  • If sparks can no longer be observed, the problem is related to the amount in the oven that can absorb microwaves.

Check whether the foil plate at the top of the oven compartment is dirty/oily.

  • Layers of fat on this plate could also produce sparks in the oven compartment. If it cannot be cleaned, an installer can replace it.
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