Bake better bread using steam

Last updated 30/04/2024 08:26

Discover how steam elevates your baking. The steam oven enables a perfect environment for proving dough and will give your bread a crispy crust and fluffy crumb.

Take your baking further

A steam oven opens up a whole new world of flavorful, airy bread with crispy golden-brown crust. It already starts when proving as steam creates an even temperature, perfect for your dough to rise in. When baking, steam makes for a crispy crust as it creates a wet surface on the bread and it will also keep the inside moist.



Using steam for proving dough is fantastic, because you have a perfect and even temperature for the dough to rise in. That means the dough will rise faster and more evenly. This is great for all doughs, but especially for sourdough as you will get a higher and not as dense dough as when proved in room temperature.

You may use steam for the first, but definitely for the second, rising. When the loaves or bread rolls are rising the steam helps make the bread lighter with more air inside. The temperature depends, but around 25-30°C is good, in general the warmer the quicker rise - and you do not need to cover the dough when rising in the steam oven. (Try our "Dough Proving" function the next time you're baking).  


Learning how to steam bake in the oven and baking bread in the steam oven is not difficult, and it gives a great result. Using steam in the beginning of the baking process makes the bread crispier on the surface. This is because the steam (or water essentially) creates a wet surface which will help it bake more evenly.

Then when you finish with dry heat, it will make the wet surface even crispier than if you only used dry heat from the start. Steam will also help retain moist in the bread - no more dry and dense bread. (If you use one of your steam ovens, try the "Bread Baking" function.)

Bake artisan bread at home  

Bake great bread with the touch of a button. SteamBake ovens use steam to prove the dough, rising fast and even for airy moist insides. To add the final touch of perfection, regular dry heat is introduced to make the crust crispy and golden brown.

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