Cleaning and caring for your steam oven

Last updated 28/11/2023 09:31

Make sure to take care of your steam oven. If you clean it regularly and give it some care and attention, it will be your partner for years to come. 

Cleaning and caring

Cleaning and caring for your steam oven is important - it will make your oven last longer and work better.


Cleaning reminder

The Electrolux Steam Ovens have a cleaning reminder, when the reminder is displayed cleaning is necessary. Perform the function "Steam Cleaning Plus".


First part duration: around 1 hour 40 minutes

1. Make sure that the water drawer is empty.
2. Remove the accessories. Leave only the grill- / roasting pan on the first shelf position.
3. Pour 250 ml of the descaling agent in the water drawer.
4. Fill the remaining part of the water drawer with water to the maximum level.
5. Insert the water drawer.
6. Select the function from the menu: Cleaning. Follow the instructions on the display.

After the first part is over, empty the grill- /roasting pan and put it back on the first shelf position.

Second part duration: around 35 minutes

7. Fill the water drawer with fresh water. Make sure there is no remaining descaling agent inside the the water drawer.
8. Insert the water drawer.
9. Remove the grill- / roasting pan after cleaning is over.
10. Dry the oven with a soft cloth.

Leave the oven door open for approximately 1 hour. Wait until the oven is dry. When this function works, the light is off. If this function is not performed in the correct way, the display will prompt to repeat it.   

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