Oven displays CATA

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  • Oven displays CATA
  • Cleaning reminder

Applies to

  • Ovens with catalytic self-cleaning function


Oven Displays CATA.

CATA is the Cleaning function on your AEG Oven. It cleans the Catalytic Lining, this is the lining on the sides, roof and back of the oven and it feels a little like sandpaper.

To Run the Catalytic Cleaning Function follow the steps below, there is also a video below which you may find useful.

Remove all the shelves and the side rails from the oven (these can be washed separately with a soft cloth and mild detergent.

Clean the oven floor with a mild detergent (this is because the Catalytic Enamel is not on the floor of the oven).

Clean the inner glass door with a soft cloth and mild detergent.

Turn the Oven on.

Press the symbol until CATA appears in the display.

The Cleaning Function will now operate for one hour.

When the Cleaning function has been completed and the oven has cooled down the shelf supports and accessories can be placed back in the oven.

Please note the Catalytic Enamel should not be cleaned with detergent

If you have an AEG model with Catalytic Enamel Lining but which does not have the  cleaning function, then the Catalytic Enamel Lining can be cleaned by turning the oven on at the Fan Oven Setting at 250° for one hour.

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