Prepare a beautiful brunch in your steam oven

Last updated 17/02/2021 06:45

Start the weekend off right by treating your loved ones to a delicious brunch. Poached eggs, omelette and even yoghurt can be effortlessly made with steam.

Beautiful brunch

Did you know you can use your steam oven for making yoghurt? It's easy to make and a great addition to your next weekend brunch (make it overnight!). Our new Electrolux steam ovens even have a yoghurt function.

What goes great together with yoghurt? Well, many things - but below is a basic recipe for a delicious granola.  


2 dl peanuts, 2 dl cashew nuts, 2 dl almonds, 2dl oats, 1 tsp grounded cardamon, 2 tbs grounded cinnamon, 3-4 tbs honey, ½ tsp salt

1. Chop the nuts lightly, not to small pieces.
2. Mix nuts and oats on an oven trey ad toast lighly. 160°C in 8-10 min.
3. Mix when it's still hot with honey and spices.
4. Keep in an airtight container.
5. Enjoy!

Here is actually an example of when not to use steam, as you want a dry and crispy granola.

Exquisite Eggs 

Cooking eggs in the steam oven helps the eggs cook more gently as the heat is more even. That means no more cracked shells or runny whites. Who does not love poached eggs for brunch? And with steam, there's minimal risk of failing. 

Here´s an introduction to how to make poached egg in a "bag" in the steam oven.

1. Start with placing plastic foil in a cup or a glass. Knock an egg inside and tighten and twist the plastic foil so you get a "bag".


2. Place the "bags" on an oven tray and cook in Full Steam 90°C for approx. 6-7 min depending on how you want your eggs.


3. When the eggs are cooked, take off the plastic foil and plate. Enjoy!

Oven omelette

Another brunch favourite is the oven omelette or frittata. It will be perfectly cooked in the steam oven as the surrounding heat makes the egg cooks evenly and stay moist with the steam.

- Simply place some chopped vegetables (your choice!) in a greased oven tray

- Whisk a few eggs (3-4) together with salt, pepper and some water

- Add the eggs on top of the vegetables and bake in Humidity Medium 90°C until the eggs coagulates, approx. 10-15 mins 

- Serve and enjoy!

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