Revitalize your leftovers with steam

Last updated 23/11/2023 11:33

Reheat and revive your leftovers without drying them out. Food is never wasted when you have a steam oven.

Reheating leftovers

If you think reheating leftovers is dull or bland, think again. Never waste food when you have a steam oven at hand. The steam will heat up your leftovers quickly without drying it out. Some steam ovens even have a special programme for this, on Electrolux steam ovens it's called "Steam Regeneration". How long to reheat food in the steam oven? It depends, but some guidance below. 

Humidity Medium

Let's say you have half a quiche in the fridge, adding some steam will make this quiche like new again due to the fact the steam both heats and adds moisture. But if using Full Steam, the quiche would get too moist and wet. 

Full Steam

Don't throw out old pasta or rice, full steam is great for bringing it back to life - it even works well with boiled potatoes. Pasta, rice and potatoes tends to dry out a bit while resting in the fridge, and steam add the moist again.

It also works perfectly for reheating steamed vegetables, just place them on a tray and steam on full steam just before serving. It will just take a few minutes and they'll be perfect again.  

Great taste made easy

Our ovens with SteamBoost offers three levels of steam. Dedicated programmes for baking and roasting as well as one programme with only steam for new levels of taste, crispiness and moist.

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