Water gets on the kitchen floor when using the oven

Last updated 27/09/2019 07:36


  • Water gets on the kitchen floor when using the oven

Applies to:

  • oven


1. If water gets on the kitchen floor when using the oven, during roasting a great deal of condensation is created. 

2. Using too much water when roasting a small amount of meat on a large roasting tin will cause the water to evaporate too quickly and the meat will be roasted dry.

  • Use a small roasting tin or an ovenproof dish suitable for the size of the roast.
  • Alternatively, place the roast on the rack and put a dish in the same size as the roast in the roasting tin under the roast to collect the juices.

2. Using hot air for roasting will cause greater evaporation.

  • The hot circulating air generates more steam in the oven compartment.
  • When hot air is used for cooking, the food will also dry out more.
  • Optional: Add a little water, no more than 200 - 400 ml. Do not add any more water during roasting.

3. When preparing dishes which generate a lot of moisture, use the heat from the top and bottom elements.

4. To help you determine the exact nature of the problem, we recommend a visit by one of our authorized engineers to check the appliance and fix the problem.

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