Door on the chest freezer does not close properly

Last updated 11/12/2019 11:41

If the door on the chest freezer does not close properly, refer to the suggestions below for step by step instructions.

Is the appliance straight and level?

  • If not, this may prevent the door from closing and sealing correctly.
  • Adjust the feet on the underside of the appliance until it is level and the door is flush with the cabinet.

Is the door seal not fitted correctly? Has it been damaged in any way?

  • Check the door seal carefully.
  • If the door seal is damaged or out of position, the temperature in the freezer will rise, and a lot of ice and condensation will form. This can trigger the alarm on the display, the warning LED, or an audible alarm.
  • These alarms indicate that the internal temperature is too high for the appliance to function.
  • The rubber door seal can be checked using a piece of paper, by inserting it between the door and the frame. The paper should be held firmly along its full width when the door is closed. 
  • If the door seal is deformed, the problem can sometimes be resolved by heating it for a few seconds with a hair dryer and then attempting to straighten the rubber.  

Note: Do not heat the door seal too much, or you might damage both the seal and the door

  • Keep the door seal clean and replace it if there are any signs of damage.
  • This will also help save energy.
  • If you are unable to replace the door seal, we recommend requesting a visit by a service engineer. 

You can request a visit by one of our engineers by clicking on the link below.

Are shelves and drawers positioned correctly?

  • Make sure that vegetable drawers and the glass shelves above them are in the correct position.
  • If the shelves and drawers are out of position, the door may not fully close.. 
  • If the appliance has a filter to protect your food from odors and keep it fresh, make sure that this filter is also is fitted correctly.

Is the food in your appliance touching the door?

  • Move the food so that it does not protrude over the edges of the shelves. 
  • Food placed on the shelves in the door can also protrude beyond the edges, preventing the door from closing properly.

Damaged hinges:

  • If a hinge is damaged, this may be the cause of the issue. 
  • We recommend requesting a visit by a service engineer to fix any problems with defective hinges.

You can request a visit by one of our engineers by clicking on the link below.


Is the base of the appliance straight and level?

  • Make sure that the appliance is not tilted using a spirit level

Leveling a kitchen cabinet:

  • If the kitchen cupboard is not level, unplug the appliance and try to straighten the cabinet if possible.
  • Ask your kitchen dealer for advice on what can be done to solve the problem. 
  • When the kitchen cupboard is level, set up the cabinet again by carefully following the installation instructions supplied with the appliance.
  • Download user manual.

Is the depth of the appliance correct?

  • Check that the depth of the appliance in the kitchen cabinet does not stop the door from closing fully.

Installing the appliance with the correct depth:

  • It is important that the cabinet is installed very accurately in terms of depth to ensure that the cabinet door can be fully closed.
  • Carefully follow the installation instructions supplied with the cabinet, making sure all screws are secure to prevent the appliance from shifting once installed.
  • Download user manual.

Here are some examples regarding depth:

Door-on-door installation:

(decorative cabinet door mounted directly on fridge door)

Slide rail installation:

(kitchen door mounted on a slide rail on fridge door)

The door of the fridge freezer is heavy, difficult to open, cannot be opened:

  • If the door is difficult to open, there are several possible causes. 


The air in the appliance “shrinks" as it cools.

  • This can sometimes create suction, which makes it difficult to open the door.
  • If the door is closed quickly, air will be forced out and it may take several minutes before the vacuum is released and the door can be opened normally.


When setting up the appliance, make sure that it is level.

  • This can be done using the adjusting feet on the bottom of the appliance.
  • The levelness of the product can be checked using a spirit level or by adjusting the feet until the door is in line with the outer casing.

Technical tip: A small prick on the inside of a corner of the door seal should release enough pressure.

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