The light does not work in my chest freezer

Last updated 14/07/2020 06:30


  • Internal lighting in my freezer / refrigerator / fridge freezer / wine cooler is not working

Applies to 

  • Chest freezer
  • Fridge freezer
  • Upright Freezer
  • Refrigerator
  • Wine cooler


1. Check whether the bulb has failed and replace if necessary following the instructions in the user manual. 

  • Download user manual.
  • You can buy a new bulb from our Webshop
  • Certain appliances have built-in LED lighting that must be replaced by an engineer.

2. Check whether the light switch can move freely and try cleaning it with a damp cloth (if you can see a light switch in the door opening).

3. Close the door and open it again to switch the light back on.

A control system may switch the light off automatically if the door has been left open for a while.

4. Contact an Authorized Service Center.

If the above advice does not resolve the problem, we recommend requesting a visit by a service engineer.


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