How does the AirDry function in Electrolux dishwashers work?

Last updated 19/01/2024 12:57


  • Will my dishwasher's AirDry function damage my worktop?
  • Is AirDry technology safe for kitchen worktops?
  • How does the AirDry technology work?
  • Automatic Door Opening function in dishwashers

Applies to

  • Dishwashers with AirDry technology


AirDry technology delivers up to three times better drying performance when compared to closed-door systems. The door automatically opens at the end of the drying phase and the air is circulated inside the machine. Dishes emerge perfectly dry. Every time.

AirDry is automatically activated with all programmes. The drying phase and door opening time duration vary depending on the selected programme and options. 

Thanks to AirDry, dishes are streak-free and the washing process is shorter and uses less energy. 

AirDry technology is safe for your kitchen worktops.

When AirDry opens the door, the display shows the remaining time of the running programme.

Consult your dishwasher user manual for more information

Caution: Do not attempt to close the appliance door within 2 minutes of automatic opening. This may cause damage to the appliance.

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