Rattling or knocking sounds from within a dishwasher

Last updated 14/04/2020 11:19


Rattling or knocking sounds from within a dishwasher

Applies to

All dishwashers - Freestanding and built-in.


Where the are rattling or knocking sounds coming from with in the dishwasher, check the following - 

  • Crockery and glassware knocking together?  Ensure that the tableware is correctly arranged in the baskets. Refer to the basket loading information in the manual.
  • Spray arms free to rotate?  Ensure that the spray arms are free to rotate and not knocking against tableware within. Always spin the spray arms first before the wash commences.  Where movement of tableware has occurred during operation – move the item to stop the restriction of the arm rotation.  This can decrease the cleaning capability of the programme due to the water restricted from cleaning.


  • Crockery and tableware movement within during the dishwasher cycle.
  • Spray arm movement restricted.

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