Water leaking from dishwasher door

Last updated 14/04/2020 10:36


Water leaking from dishwasher door.

Applies to

All dishwashers - both built-in and freestanding.


Where water is leaking out of the bottom of the dishwasher, check the following -

  • Rinse aid spillage?  Ensure that any spillage of rinse aid has been cleaned and wiped away.  Failure to complete this may create a high foam content that can leak through the door seal.
  • Is the appliance level?  If the appliance is 'leaning' forward, this will cause water to leak through the bottom of the door.  Check that the appliance is level by adjusting the adjustable feet at the front. The appliance should be level front-to-back, and side-to-side.  Use a spirit level to ensure that the appliance is correctly positioned.
  • Door 'centred' on the tub?  Where the door is not 'square' with the tub, this can cause water to leak out.  Ensure the appliance is level.  For 'Built-in' appliances, ensure that the middle foot is adjusted (where applicable).
  • Ability to close the door of the dishwasher?  Ensure that the appliance is loaded correctly and that none of the contents within are protruding and causing pressure on the door, restricting it from closing completely.
  • Door seal within the tub?  Check that the door seal has not disengaged from the tub interior or become damaged.  


  • Spilt rinse aid.
  • Appliance not level.
  • Appliance installed incorrectly.
  • Incorrect loading of the appliance.