How to disassemble and assemble the Comfort Lift basket

Last updated 24/02/2021 13:40

Before any maintenance operation, deactivate the appliance and disconnect the mains plug from the socket.

Always take care when moving appliances, for heavy appliances it's necessary two persons to move it. 

Always use safety gloves and enclosed footwear.

Please note that self-repair or nonprofessional repair can have safety consequences if not done properly

1. Basket disassembly

To disassemble the basket, it is necessary to have it on the lower position, otherwise, the lifting mechanism locks the basket and it is not possible to disassemble it.

1- Press the snap to remove the plastic locking part (front stopper)    

2 - With the snap pressed, pull the plastic lock.

3 - Do this operation on left and right side rails    

4 - Pull the basket as far out as possible without engaging the rotational lifting movement. Then on each side pull the snap 1 cm against middle of dishwasher and in the same time pull the basket out minimum 1 cm. 

5 - Slide the rails on both sides to the interior of the dishwasher while holding the basket 

2.    Basket assembly

With the lift mechanism on lower position

To assemble the basket, it is necessary to it have on the lower position, otherwise the lifting mechanism collides with the basket and it is not possible to assemble it.

1- Insert the basket on the rails by sliding the rails out and slide the basket in 

2 - Make sure the basket is fixed on the lifting mechanism 

3 - Assemble the plastic locking part 

4 - Do this operation on left and right side rails