Tumble dryer emits unusual noises

Last updated 07/12/2023 12:11


  • There are unusual noises coming from the tumble dryer
  • The tumble dryer is noisy

Applies to

  • Vented dryer
  • Condenser dryer
  • Heat pump dryer


Different noises may be heard at different times during the drying cycle. They are perfectly normal operating sounds.

See examples below:

Compressor operation

A rotating drum

Fan running

Operation of the condensate drain pump

If the tumble dryer emits unusual noises, refer to the suggestions below for step-by-step instructions.

1. Tumble dryer emits noises after new installation:

Some tumble dryer models have “automatic” transit bolts on the drum.

  • When you start the appliance for the first time you will hear a bump indicating that the transit bolts have been released.
  • This is perfectly normal and not a malfunction of the machine.
  • Note: If the drum locks do not release correctly they will cause noise when the drum rotates. 

    See related article on how to solve this problem: Tumble Dryer generates scraping/rubbing noise while drum rotating

  • There is also usually a transit block in the door opening to be removed manually. 

Note: You cannot rotate the drum manually of a new appliance that has not been started.

During the first drying operations, you can hear sounds at a higher level, which are caused by the pump, the moisture sensor, or felt tape, which needs to be wet with a little water first.

Another possible source of noise is the electrical installation at the back of the appliance, which is next to the appliance’s fan housing.

  • Pull the appliance slightly away from the wall to try and see if that solves the problem.

2. Tumble dryer emits humming noise:

The motor may be stuck or have problems with moving.

  • The appliance may be overloaded.
  • Remove some of the items and try again.

3. Tumble dryer emits beeping or grating noise:

The noise could be caused by the moisture sensor or the felt tape, which needs to be wet with a little water first.

4. Tumble dryer emits metallic noise:

If your machine is equipped with a heat pump, these sounds are normal.

  • the heat pump is a compressor operating at a high pressure level and may emit metallic, knocking sounds.

5. Tumble dryer emits rattling noise:

This may be caused by the electrical installations next to the fan housing or the fan may be loose.

  • pull the appliance slightly away from the wall

6. Tumble dryer emits scraping noise:

The noise may be caused by the moisture sensor or felt tape.

  • If the machine is new, the sound will probably disappear after a while.
  • The noise can also come from the laundry parts in the machine: metal buckles, zips, buttons, and similar items.
  • If the sound does not gradually disappear over time, we recommend contacting an Authorized Service Center.

7. Contact an Authorized Service Center.

If the above suggestions do not solve the problem, we recommend requesting a visit by a service engineer.

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