Tumble Dryer generates scraping/rubbing noise while drum rotating

Last updated 05/01/2024 06:39


  • The Tumble Dryer generates scraping/rubbing noise while the drum rotating
  • Rear drum locks have not been released correctly during the first use of the dryer

Applies to

  • Heat pump dryers


The rear drum locks are supposed to be removed automatically when the dryer is activated for the first time without the load in the drum. Please see the dedicated section in the user manual

However, if something goes wrong you can easily unblock the drum by yourself. 

To do so, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to the back of the dryer

2. Find two rear drum locks - white plastic screw heads (hexagon socket) with indicators on them 

Word import image

3. Find the “open padlock” pictogram located close to each of the drum locks 

The pictograms are placed on the rear panel

4. Rotate the drum lock to have the indicator near the “open padlock” pictogram 

Word import image Word import image

You can rotate the drum locks with a hex key (Allen key) size 12mm or use any other equipment you have at home that makes the screw heads (hexagon socket) possible to rotate

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