Tumble dryer's drying results are poor and laundry is damp after drying

Last updated 13/04/2023 09:17


  • Laundry stays damp after drying
  • Tumble dryer does not heat up
  • Drying results are poor

Applies to

  • Vented dryer
  • Condenser dryer
  • Heat pump dryer


Tumble dryers fitted with a heat pump give very gentle and energy-efficient drying at low temperatures, but the drying time will be longer.

This is normal and not a malfunction in any way.

On these appliances, it may seem that the appliance is not heating for an extended period of time at the start of a drying cycle. This is because all the heat pump’s energy is used to heat and evaporate water/moisture in the clothing. Let the appliance run through the selected cycle until the desired drying results have been achieved according to the chosen cycle and options.

Opening the door during a cycle to check on the clothing will extend the cycle by at least half an hour each time the door is opened. This is because the heat pump takes a long time to reach the maximum working temperature in the heating system.

1. Choose the right drying programme.

Make sure that the respective type of washing and the care symbols on the label of the laundry comply with the drying program. 

You will find help in the program overview in the user manual. 

Download the user manual.

2. For programmes that are humidity-controlled, such as "Cotton Cupboard Dry", select a higher level of dryness, such as Extra Dry.

Tumble dryer programmes are essentially either time-controlled or humidity-controlled.
4. If the load consists of different thicknesses of fabric or different types of fabric, sort the laundry by thickness and the fabric type and dry separately.
Depending on the model, some devices also offer special programs, such as "MIX XL", "JEANS" or "Bed Linen", which are suitable for different types of fabric or laundry of different thicknesses.
5. Set the DRY PLUS option to MAX if your dryer is equipped with it.
5. Set the remaining moisture level option to the highest drying level if your dryer is equipped with it.
6. Clean all filters and the condenser (if accessible) regularly and carefully as described in the user manual.
Refer to the article: Cleaning tumble dryer filters and condenser
7. Do not exceed the maximum load size.

Note: The indication of loading quantity always refers to the weight of the dry laundry.

8. Ensure a room temperature higher than +5°C and lower than +35°C. 

The optimal room temperature to achieve the best drying results is between 19°-24°C.

Contact an Authorized Service Center.

If the above suggestions did not solve the problem, we recommend requesting a visit by a service engineer.

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