Drying cycle of washer dryer takes too long, too short or not drying at all

Last updated 18/03/2024 10:26


  • The drying cycle of washer dryer takes too long
  • The drying cycle of washer dryer takes too short
  • Washer dryer not drying
  • Poor drying results in the washer-dryer
  • Laundry is still damp after washing & drying cycle

Applies to

  • Washer-dryers


Our current range of Washer Dryers have both Sensor (Automatic) and Timed settings on them, so choosing the correct programme for your drying is important. 

If you find your drying programme switching off after a few minutes of the cycle or taking too long to complete it might be useful to check the following:

Timed Drying or Automatic Drying

If you are finishing off clothes in the dryer that have been dried on a clothesline or on a clothes horse or if the load is very small we recommend you use Timed Drying.

  • The Timed Drying option is found on the control panel.
  • When you select the drying programme and press the Time Drying button, it will display 10 minutes in the display, each time you press the Time Drying button the duration will increase by 10 minutes. When the duration you want is displayed press Start.
  • The washer dryer will now dry for the amount of time you have selected. 
  • If the dryer does not allow you to choose the Time Drying for the programme selected, that means that Timed Drying is not available for that fabric type (refer to your user manual for programme overview).

Automatic Drying Programs are great when you are tumble drying clothes that have not been partially dried but have been washed and going to be dried on the drying program straight away.

  • Choose the fabric type and select how dry you want the clothes at the end of the program with the Dryness Level button.
  • On some models you will choose the drying program on the dial (Cottons Dry or Synthetics Dry), then press the Auto Dry button, to select how dry you want the clothes at the end of the program.
  • The Automatic Drying programs will allow you to choose Extra Dry, Cupboard Dry, or Iron Dry. Extra Dry is the driest and Iron Dry is slightly damp at the end to make ironing easier.

For Automatic Drying remember the following:

  • Ensure that you have the correct size load in the tumble dryer for the program (the maximum load per cycle can be found in the user manual). The maximum load for the drying programme is always smaller than for the washing programme.
  • Choose the Dryness required for each load, for example, Cottons Extra Dry is great for items that you want very dry after the drying cycle. Cottons Iron Dry will be suitable for items you wish to iron after tumble drying and will not be quite as dry as the Extra or Cupboard dry programs.
  • When you choose Automatic Drying the duration of the drying program will appear in the display, this can change during the drying program as the tumble dryer will use sensors to dry the clothes correctly without overdrying.

For washer-dryers with heat pumps: Clean the air filters after each drying cycle as specified in the user manual.

  • The air filters collect the fluff. The fluff normally occurs when the clothes are dried in a washer-dryer.
  • To have the best drying performance clean the air filters regularly. Clogged filters make cycles longer and increase energy consumption

When the washer dryer does not dry at all or does not dry correctly check the following:

  • Make sure to turn the water tap on.
  • Make sure the air filters are not clogged. Check primary and secondary air filters (heat pump washer dryers only).
  • Make sure the drain filter is not clogged.
  • Reduce the laundry load - The maximum load for the drying programme is always smaller than for the washing programme.
  • Make sure you have set the correct cycle. if necessary, set again a short drying time.

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