Can wool clothing damaged during intermediate spin in the wool program?

Last updated 11/12/2019 12:13

All washing programs have been specially developed for the various tissue types and have been extensively tested in the laboratory.

  • The wool program in your washing machine was mainly tested for wool shrinkage and is suitable for hand washable wool.
  • Wool is very sensitive to movement in the wet state and can shrink when subjected to great mechanics.

The mechanics in the wool program are reduced by:  

  • Low load. Information on the maximum load quantity can be found in the operating instructions. 
  • Download user manual.
  • High water level during washing.
  • Little and gentle movement in the drum.
  • By using wool detergent.

When rinsing wool clothing:

  • Intermediate centrifuging takes place.
  • The wool is laid like a ring on the drum and the wash liquor is carefully removed.
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