Fluff / lint on laundry after removing from washing machine

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  • Lint residue on the laundry after washing
  • Fluff on laundry after washing
  • How to get the lint out of the washing machine
  • How to clean a washing machine of lint?

Applies to

  • Washing machine
  • Washer dryer


1. During the wash program, some materials such as wool sweaters and sweatshirts can release fluff. This fluff may stick to the laundry during current or subsequent washings. The feather is even more visible on synthetic material.

2. To prevent this, we recommend:

  • Do not wash dark garments with light ones (especially not new woollen garments and sweatshirts)
  • Empty the drum and run a maintenance program without clothes (e.g. at 60°C), then clean the door seal with a damp cloth.
  • Clean the machine with Clean & Care. The care product descales, degreases and cleans the washing machine. Use it once a month, or after every 30 wash cycles. We recommend specialized care & maintenance products available on our Webshop

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