How to connect your AutoDose washing machine

Last updated 26/03/2021 11:29

My Electrolux Care App Start Guide for using Connectivity

1. Start My Electrolux Care App. Select Country & Language. Create an Account. Open the Appliances tab. (Appliances tab is in the top menu (Android) or botton menu (iOS.))

2. Tap on the + icon to add a product. 

3. Choose your product type to connect. In case your appliance supports Bluetooth, make sure it’s on.

4. Make sure to keep your name and password to your home network ready.

5. Switch on WiFi on appliance. To enable WiFi on appliance, check the WiFi-Connectivity Setup section of the User Manual.

The start guide is general, but certain steps apply only for Apple iOS and Android OS.

If you are using Apple, and your appliance supports Bluetooth, follow the next steps:

6A: Choose your appliance (AJ_) from the screen and press Continue.

6B: After connected, provide your Wi-Fi credentials.


If you are using Apple, but your appliance just supports Wi-Fi, follow the next steps:

6A. Connect the Wi-Fi of your appliance. Press Home button to close the app. 

GB. Go to Settings in iOS and open Wi-Fi. Connect to AJ_* network and go back to My Electrolux Care App.

7. The app connects to your appliance. 

8. Select the network you want your appliance to connect to, and enter the password.

9. Once the network has been configured, you can name your appliance. 

Congratulations, you are now connected and can start using My Electrolux Care App with your appliance!

Get ready, with a tap

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AutoDose drawer

For best results we recommend using detergent and softener in the AutoDose compartments. You can always use the manual compartments for specific detergents. 

You can access additional drawer configurations via the app, like Link mode, where you can use the same detergent in both compartments and thereby minimize how often you have to refill detergent.


When connected, the app will notify you when it’s time to refill the detergent and softener compartments, so you never run out.

How to use AutoDose machine with compact detergent

How to use AutoDose machine with super compact detergent