How to wash duvet and down jackets

Last updated 29/04/2022 09:28

If you take good care of your down it will take care of you. Adding dryer balls to the drum of our PerfectCare dryers stops feathers from clustering in your jacket's corners. So you can stay consistently warm and cosy.

1. Use low temperatures for down

Be sure to wash your down on a lukewarm, gentle cycle and set the machine on one extra rinse cycle to remove any trace of detergent.

2. Washing down pillows, duvets and jackets in a washing machine

For the best dry, use the wool program. If your washing machine does now have a wool program - choose a long cycle at a medium temperature and use drying balls to ensure it comes out light, fluffy and smelling great. Don't take it out until it's 100% dry. 

3. Protect the surface of your down jacket

Launder your down separately from other garments with empty pockets, closed velcro tabs and zippers done up to avoid surface damage.

3DSense Technology for accurate drying

CycloneCare with 3DSense Technology treats your wardrobe with outstanding care. It reads humidty deep inside garments, using sensors to detect moisture 5 centimeters deep into the clothes. When traditional dryers would indicate that the jacket is dry, 3DSense continues until even thick layered garments are precisely dried - requiring no additional air drying. This makes the jacket maintain its appearance and gives up to 30% higher thermal insulation sompared to air drying - gently handling all of your fabrics time after time.