How to wash wool

Last updated 29/04/2022 09:28

Designed to last for years, wool is a great investment if you take proper care of it. Whether a luxury coat or an everyday sweater, following this advice will help it last.

1. Washing wool in your washing machine

If your washing machine does not have a wool cycle, we recommend that you use the cold wash cycle for 'hand wash only' wool And always wash your wool turned inside out.

2. Choose your detergent for wool wisely

Avoid using heavy duty detergents, 'Bio' detergents containing enzymes, or any detergents containing bleaches. A specific wool detergent should be used.

3. How to store wool garments correctly

Store your sweaters flat and folded to protect them from stretching. If you have to hang, use specially designed knitwear hangers to give them maximum support.

Wash and dry your wool

The wool program on our PerfectCare washing machines is certified but the Woolmark company to be as gentle as hand washing. Our DelicateCare dryers also offer a unique cycle for wool. The special drum speed keeps your wool flat against the side of the drum. This delivers results as good as flat drying. So you're guaranteed no shrinkage and protection from twists and tangles.