How to wash workout clothes

Last updated 29/04/2022 09:12

We recommend you to use a Sport program because it's fine tuned for sports garments so it washes them more effectively. Take care to choose the right detergent, one that has been specifically formulated to handle tough stains and eliminate odours.

1. Removing sweat stains 

Cotton Tees absorb a lot more moisture so they appreciate a little extra tender love and care. Turn them inside out and pour liquid detergent on the underarm areas. Let that soak for about 30 minutes then wash at the highest temperature the label allows.

2. Sports program

Use the Sports program on both your washing machine and tumble dryer*. If you don't have a Sport program, the Synthetic cycle is very similar. Just be sure to add an extra rinse if the garments are heavily soiled. When drying, make sure to separate cottons from synthetics as they absorb humidity differently. 

*Only on selected products

3. How to keep your gym bag fresh

Keep your gym bag fresh in between workouts. If you leave a couple of dryer sheets inside your bag it will keep it smelling and feeling fresh in between workouts. Never leave your workout clothes lying in the bag. Get them out as soon as possible, even if you do plan to wash later.

Clean and nourish your wear

Our UltraCare system nourishes your sportwear as it cleans them. Unlike other machines that mix the detegent and softener in the drum, our exclusive system pre-mixes them before the water even touches the clothes, to give a softer, more caring clean.