Keep your outdoor garments waterproof

Last updated 29/04/2022 09:28

Specifically designed Electrolux outdoor cycles on both our washing machines and tumble dryers work in sync to restore water protection of your garments. Making the cleaning process seamless and effortless, so you can enjoy your outdoor garments for longer.

1. How to restore your waterproof garments 

It is important to wash your water repellant garments since the breathing capabilities will deteriorate over time. First, empty the pockets, zip it up, close all the pockets and flaps.

2. Choose your detergent wisely

Add liquid detergent to the right compartment (1) and the water repellent agent to the fabric softener compartment (2) to introduce or restore water repellency to a garment in the last rinse. Avoid using powder detergent, softener or bleach.

3. Program for outdoor wear

Set the washing machine on Outdoor programme. If you don´t have an outdoor programme on your washing machine, make sure you add an extra rinse to your cycle.

4. Tumble dry

Then you can directly place the jacket into the dryer using our special Outdoor programme. The combination of two elements: right temperature and time restores the water repellency capabilities.

Restore water protection better than air drying with DelicateCare System´s new and innovative outdoor programme

With our DelicateCare System the water repellency of your specialty outdoor wear is retained and restored, better than air-drying. DelicateCare adjusts the temperature and motion of the drum to protect the fabrics in outdoor wear, making sure they get just the right amount of heat.