Update on issue with iOS 14.7 and higher

Last updated 13/09/2021 06:32

Update on issue with iOS 14.7  

We are aware that some people are experiencing problems connecting new appliances to the internet when using the new iOS 14.7.1 version on their smart devices. 

iOS 15 will resolve this issue and it will be released in few weeks. In the meantime, we are working on the app to overcome the problems introduced by iOS 14.7.1 

We know this is inconvenient, but that you may nonetheless like to try one of the following workarounds until we have a solution in place.  

1) Use an Android device instead to connect the new appliance to the internet. Once completed you can then use your iOS device to log in to the same account where your appliance will be available. 


2) Before starting to connect your appliance to the internet, connect your smart device to a different HotSpot than your normal home WiFi (for example by using the hotspot on somebody’s mobile phone iOS or Android). Then, during the appliance connection process, when you are asked to select a WiFi network, select your normal home WiFi for your appliance. 

This article will be updated when we have more news and we would like to thank you for your patience and support!