Washing machine does not work /  does not react

Last updated 16/07/2024 08:24


  • The washing machine does not work /  there is no power
  • The washing machine display is dark / blank
  • No response when turning on the appliance
  • No reaction for switch ON/OFF button
  • The washing programme does not start

Applies to

  • Washing machines
  • Washer dryers


If the washing machine does not respond to the ON/OFF button and the appliance display remains blank, first check the electrical connection:

1. Remove the plug from the electrical outlet.

2. Plug another device (e.g. hair dryer) into the electrical outlet and turn it on (this test is to check if there is a problem with the power supply).

3. If there is no problem with the electrical outlet, leave the problematic appliance unplugged for 15 minutes and then plug it back in, if it still does not work, please contact our Consumer Care Team.

4. In case of a faulty electrical socket / power supply problem, contact a qualified electrician.

If the appliance can be turned on, but the washing program does not start, check:

1. Is the washing machine overloaded / excess load blocking the door?

The program will not start if the door is not completely closed. Remove some laundry and try running the program again.

2. Does the appliance display a padlock symbol?

This means that the child lock is active. Disable the lock and restart the program.

Usually, the child lock button(s) will be highlighted on the control panel (see the example below). If these aren't present, then please refer to your user manual.

Refer to the articles: 

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3. Does the appliance display an error code?

An error code (starting with the letter E, e.g. E10, E20) indicates a potential problem with the appliance (e.g. no water supply). Use our troubleshooting guide to eliminate the cause of the fault.

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