800 series vacuum cleaner - control panel icons

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  • Electrolux 800 series vacuum cleaner - control panel icons
  • What do the icons on the vacuum cleaner display indicate?
  • Meaning of the symbols on the display of the cordless vacuum cleaner

Applies to

  • Electrolux 800 cordless vacuum cleaners


Our new Electrolux 800 series cordless vacuum cleaners have many options for you to take advantage of. 

You can control all functions from the control panel on which various symbols and buttons are placed. Below you will find an explanation of them along with excerpts from the manual of the vacuum cleaner.


The battery symbol (1) divided is into 3 parts indicating the degree of charge.

The inscriptions MIN MID TURBO indicate the power level, adjusted with the -/+ button (3).

The water droplet icon (4) informs you that the mop nozzle is connected and the mopping function is available (the main motor does not turn on then).

A round symbol with lines inside (5) (on the right) informs you that you should turn off the vacuum cleaner to clean the filter in the vacuum cleaner, remove the particles, wash under water, and wait for all elements to dry before next use

The button marked with a circle with a vertical line in the middle (6) is used as a device switch (ON/OFF)

A triangle with an exclamation mark (2) (left side) indicates problems with the device:

  • Too high temperature, information about overheating including battery
  • Something may be stuck in the brush and needs verification
  • The hose needs to be verified that there is no foreign object left in it

Below you will find an excerpt from the instructions on how to clean the filter and replace it:

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