Stick vacuum cleaner does not charge the batteries

Last updated 29/04/2022 09:46


  • The vertical vacuum cleaner does not charge the batteries
  • Charging the batteries takes over 6 hours

Applies to:

  • Stick vacuum cleaners


1. Move the main unit to the lowest position (applies to some models). It should not be locked in the upper or intermediate position

2. Check that the connectors on the back of the main unit are connected to the charging station

3. Make sure the charging plug is connected to the back of the charging station and the power supply is connected to the socket

4. Make sure the main floor nozzle is connected to the device (applies to some models). Otherwise the loading process will not start.

5. Store and charge the device in a room and at an ambient temperature between 5 ° C and 35 ° C.

Charging time is longer at high temperatures - this is normal


  • Main unit is in the wrong position (applies to some models)
  • The device is not correctly positioned in the charging station
  • The charging plug is not connected
  • Incorrect suction cup connected or no suction cup connected (some models)
  • To protect the battery and electronics, the charging function is deactivated if the ambient temperature is below 5 ° C or above 35 ° C.
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