Washer Dryers

Washer dryers do it all

The best washing meets the best drying in our DualCare technology. There's no more need to hand wash or flat dry because you can launder your delicates. It's all the care your clothes need in one space-saving machine. So you can make more of your space at home. And enjoy the cleanest, softest laundry.

A clock next to the DualCare washer dryer

Save time, wash & dry

Save time while you save space with an Electrolux washer dryer. You can wash and dry up to 6kg of laundry in one go. That's up to 24 shirts. And it's as effortless as pressing a single button. There's no need to select two cycles, you simply return to fresh laundry that's ready for your wardrobe.

In the Electrolux washer dryers with a Woolmark Blue certification, it is possible to safely wash and dry even hand wash only woollens.

Cathryn Lee

Woolmark Company

DualCare washer dryer

DualCare washer dryers let you safely wash and dry your woollens in a single cycle.

The DualCare washer dryer

Delicate care, guaranteed

Electrolux washer dryers are the first on the market with the Woolmark Blue certification. Woolmark are the world’s leading authority on wool care. And their Blue care label proves it's safe to wash and dry your hand wash only woollens. So you can keep your favourite sweaters fluffy and warm, and enjoy them longer.

A shirt that's half smooth, half creased to show the power of steaming laundry

When you care, steam it

Need your clothes looking their best, but don't have time to wash them? DualCare uses steam for soft, smooth and fresh results. The humidity relaxes fibres, eliminates odours and removes creases, so you can freshen and dewrinkle your clothes in minutes. Now you can have the clothes you want, when you want them - even between washes. 

Never over-wash or over-dry

For clothing that keeps that irresistible and soft new-feel, simply put your laundry in the drum and let DualCare do the rest. Its OptiSense technology automatically adjusts your cycle to your load size. So whether you're washing 3, 6 or 9kg, you'll never over-wash or over-dry. And your clothing will stay new and fresh for longer.

The display panel of the DualCare

Always caring

All our DualCare washer dryers use a quieter, more durable and more efficient inverter motor. This offers the performance you need to take the best care of your clothes. So garments look and feel as great as the day you bought them. We're so confident in the inverter motor's ability to power your machine's performance, it has a 10 year warranty.