Induction Hobs

The cleanest, safest surface

Induction hobs adapt to your cookware, ensuring it's quickly and evenly heated. If no pans are on your hob, the cooking zones don't heat. Plus, the unused surface remains cool, so your induction hob is safer. Nothing gets burnt on, and the sleek, flat surface means there’s nowhere for dirt to hide. So you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your food.

The control panel of an Electrolux induction hob

The right heat in an instant

Making small adjustments to get the results you want is effortless with induction. Just slide the controls and the heat changes straight away. So you can hold a sauce at just the right temperature with no danger of burning. And exact heat control means less energy is wasted, which is good news for your electricity bills too.

Cook more in one go

Enjoy more room to create the dishes you love with the FlexiBridge cooking area. You can link up to 4 different cooking zones at 1 even and consistent temperature. So when you're cooking up those family-sized meals you don't need to worry about the pan being too hot or too cold. You can just relax and enjoy mouth-watering results.

A pan on an Electrolux Infinite™ Pure induction hob

Simply luxurious

Add a touch more style to your kitchen with the Infinite™ Pure. There's no visible controls and no cooking zones until you touch the power button. Then the crystal-clear red LED display glows and you know it's ready to cook. Off or on, it gives your kitchen a beautiful modern aesthetic.

More space to create

Three pans within the FreeZone of an Electrolux Infinite Combi Induction hob
Infinite™ Combi

Whatever the dish, Infinite™ Combi gives you the freedom to cook your way.

Electrolux Infinite™ Combi induction hob with a plancha on it

Mealtimes made easy

Refine the cooking of every ingredient with the FreeZone cooking area. It automatically detects the size and shape of up to 3 pans. You can give each one a set temperature, which it maintains wherever you move it to in the FreeZone. Or for larger cookware like plancha grills, the split function gives you two different cooking temperatures on the same cookware.

An instant overview

The Infinite™ Combi is the cook’s ultimate assistant. Its large display gives you everything you need at a glance, like the position of each pot and the heat level under it. You're always in control because it's easy to adjust temperatures and set timers quickly. This makes it the ideal hob for those complicated culinary creations.

More benefits of induction

  • The stop and go button on an Electrolux induction hob
    Instant heat boost

    Enjoy great meals faster with the Booster button. It's perfect for those last-minute cooking jobs.

  • The stop and go button on an Electrolux induction hob
    Pause and resume

    Whenever you're interrupted, one touch of the Stop & Go button pauses and another resumes where you left off.

  • Steam from a pot rising to a cooker hood
    The hands-free hood

    Hob2Hood automatically controls your cooker hood based on what's cooking on the hob. 

Boil to simmer in one move

Reducing a sauce or pan frying meat or fish? When your cooking requires fast and easy heat changes use PowerSlide. You don't have to think about adjusting temperatures up and down as you're cooking. Simply slide your pan from heat to heat. PowerSlide gives you more freedom and flexibility however big or complex your meal is.

Keep your cooking focus

Let your hob control your hood, so you can stay focused on cooking. As soon as your hob turns on, Hob2Hood automatically starts if you want it to. When active, it adjusts your hood's extraction to suit your cooking. So when searing, power is boosted. And when simmering, it's reduced for gentler, quieter extraction.

Do I need new pans for induction?

Most modern pans are compatible with induction hobs. If you're unsure, test your existing pans by using a magnet. If the magnet sticks to the bottom of the pan, then it will work with induction. Our Infinite Chef collection heats up to 14 times quicker than stainless steel. They're the perfect complement to induction.

Lamb and carrots being grilled on the Electrolux plancha grill

Maximise flavour

For the best dishes, use the best cookware. Designed using outstanding materials, we have accessories for every culinary technique. So you can make the most out of your induction hob. Like our non-stick Plancha Grill, which gives you the opportunity for healthy grilling, sauteéing or browning with no added fat.