Steam ovens

Steam cooking in your kitchen

The best ovens make cooking great tasting food effortless. Our steam ovens are regular ovens with the option of adding steam. Steam works in harmony with traditional heat to enhance flavours and textures. So you can continue to cook all your favourite recipes, but meat will be tenderer and bread will rise higher. With steam, it's simple to create great dishes time after time. 

Add steam for better baking

Home baking is best with a touch of steam. It gives a better rise, a crispier crust and a fluffier centre. Our PlusSteam oven adds just the right amount of steam to your baking at the touch of a button. So in three easy steps, you can enjoy improved texture and taste - every time.

Three steps to better baking with PlusSteam

  • Someone pouring water into the oven cavity
    Step 1

    Start by pouring 100ml of water into your oven cavity.

  • The Multifunction Oven PlusSteam's PlusSteam button
    Step 2

    Select the PlusSteam programme and press the PlusSteam button.

  • Bread baking in the Electrolux oven
    Step 3

    Preheat for five minutes then enjoy your delicious bake.

A flawless cheesecake baked with steam

Delightful desserts

Discover the flawless finish you can achieve when using steam to bake a cheesecake, or even a lemon meringue pie. Mixtures stay moist, surfaces remain silky, pastry becomes crispy. Just like a pro, your cheesecake will be rich yet firm. And your meringue will be light yet luxurious. A dessert you will be proud of. 

It's all about taste

CombiSteam Deluxe has a steam setting for every meal. Full Steam gently cooks ingredients like fish, locking in naturally occurring nutrients, vitamins and colours. Enjoy left-overs that taste just-cooked with the Half Steam setting. And for roasts that are tender inside, yet crispy outside choose Quarter Steam

Steam oven recipes

Cooking with steam is easy. These recipes will unlock your creativity and open a new world of taste and textures. Roasts will be more juicy, bread rise higher and pastries crispier. Steam makes good food taste even better and produce dishes that you are proud of.

Meet our most advanced steam oven

CombiSteam Pro

As well as sous vide, CombiSteam Pro has all the delicious features of CombiSteam Deluxe.

The Electrolux CombiSteam Pro steam oven

Why choose sous vide?

Sous Vide cooking vacuum seals ingredients to create amazing dishes. And with the CombiSteam Pro, it's no longer just for professional chefs. Simply add your ingredients and seasoning to a Sous Vide bag and seal in a vacuum sealer. Then place in the oven to gently steam cook and enjoy food that's packed with flavour.

The food temperature sensor display and an Electrolux steam oven

Great results every time

Enjoy amazing flavours, whatever you cook. The food temperature sensor, available in our CombiSteam Pro and Deluxe ovens, controls exactly how much steam is added to your dishes. So you can always relax and look forward to the delicious results.

More benefits of steam ovens

The clean interior of an Electrolux oven

Easy to cook, easy to clean

Spend more time enjoying your food and less time scrubbing. Our ovens have cleaning programmes that make cleaning simple. Steam cleaning helps remove tough food residue. And pyrolytic cleaning burns up any food residue to a fine ash that is effortless to wipe away. So your oven's as easy to clean as it is to cook with.

Everything you need in an oven

Our steam ovens give you everything you need for intense, flavoursome dishes. Enjoy tender meat that falls off the bone with the slow cooking function. Achieve that distinctive smokey barbecue taste with the built-in grill. And guarantee even baking results whatever shelf you use with our XL fan. 

The Deluxe® Steaming Set from Electrolux

Ultimate steam power

Lock in the great taste and texture of your ingredients with the Deluxe® Steaming Set. Our specially designed oven trays with small perforations, enhance the power of steam. They allow steam to circulate evenly. Your food stays protected from excess water so you can enjoy perfectly steam-cooked dishes every time.