Cooker Hoods

A glass and stainless steel chimney cooker hood above a pot on an induction hob

Cooking without distractions

Find a hood that's powerful enough to keep even large kitchens odour free, but quiet enough that you'll barely notice it's running. Our hoods range from 40-70dB, and at 40dB you'll be choosing a hood that's quieter than a whisper - even at maximum speed. Plus, with Hob2Hood your extraction will never be louder than it needs to be. 

The hands-free hood

Manual control from your hob or hood is always available should you need it.  

A close up of induction hob controls

Connected for seamless cooking

Focus on what’s really important in the kitchen: creating great tasting food. With Hob2Hood, your hob switches on your cooker hood and adjusts the extraction speed based on your cooking activities. So you can boil, sear or fry without even touching your hood or thinking about extraction. 

An Electrolux cooker hood that comes out of your work surface

Most choice on the market

Make your kitchen look as good as it feels. With a wide selection of connected hobs and cooker hoods, it's easy to find the right combination to suit your kitchen design. We have the most choice you'll find on the market for similar technology. So you can enjoy quiet, efficient and hands-free extraction in a style you love. 

Enhanced freshness for your kitchen with powerful extraction

Long lasting durability thanks to the stainless steel grease filter 

Hob2Hood compatible

Eye-catching design to make a centre piece for any kitchen

Outstanding extraction, even in large kitchens

Hob2Hood compatible

A/A+ rated for outstanding energy efficiency

Cook distraction free, with the powerful, near-silent motor 

More visibility and improved kitchen ambience with dimmer lighting controls

Hob2Hood compatible

An Electrolux cooker hood filter

How do cooker hood filters work?

Cooker hoods use filters to keep your kitchen fresh and free from grease. Grease filters capture grease and food particles. While charcoal filters purify the air itself, neutralising any odours. Some filters you can clean and reuse. Others need to be replaced, which you can do from the Electrolux webshop. 

An Electrolux cooker hood above a cooking pot on an induction hob

How energy efficient is a cooker hood?

It’s easy to understand the efficiency of cooker hoods and save energy. Ranging from F to A+, the energy label highlights annual energy consumption, grease-filtering, lighting and the noise level created at maximum speed. Electrolux offers you a complete range of A-class energy cooker hoods for you to choose from.