FreshPlus Fridge Freezers

Save your favourite flavours

Give your food a longer, more tasteful life. Our TwinTech® technology uses two cooling systems to keep your ingredients at the ideal humidity and temperature. So the air in your fridge is controlled for maximum freshness. And the separate air in your freezer is dry to keep it frost-free.

Freshness on every shelf

Keep your food tastier for longer, wherever you place it. With MultiFlow, you get outstanding freshness at the front, back, top and bottom. It ensures an efficient flow of air around your food by keeping the temperature and humidity levels of your fridge even. So your food is still delicious when you need it. And you throw away less.

A fresh salmon steak shown before and after cooking

FreshPlus fridge freezers keep all your produce fresher for longer. 

A close-up of the Electrolux FreshPlus fridge with food stocked on every shelf

Off-the-line freshness

Enjoy fish that tastes just-caught. But not out of the sea, out of your fridge. Ideal for meat and fish, FreshPlus fridge freezers have a special compartment that stores food at lower temperatures. So your food stays at the right temperatures to unlock the best flavours.

Your ingredients, your way

Every ingredient and every dish has a place in the new Electrolux CustomFlex refrigerator. Customise the unique storage system any way you like with bins and racks that rearrange easily to optimise space and access. Fresh thinking, fresh flavours, every time.

Fresh plated salad from the Electrolux TwinTech fridge freezer

Salad, but not as you know it

Create salads fresh enough to get everyone excited and forget limp, lifeless lettuce. The large CrispFresh drawer protects flavour and texture by keeping your fruit and vegetables at an ideal humidity and storage temperature. Being so spacious, even if you buy a lot of fresh groceries, you can be sure they'll be delicious when you need them.