Infinite Chef Cookware Collection

A chef plating up a dish from the Infinite Chef sauce pan
Induction-ready cookware

Suitable for every hob, the collection is fully flat to provide even heat for tastier results

The Electrolux Infinite Chef cookware collection on an induction hob

Award winning cookware

Promising long-lasting performance and complete with a beautifully reflective steel finish, the new Infinite Chef cookware impresses in any kitchen. Engineered with outstanding materials, a multi-layer build and energy efficiency in mind, the collection was awarded the Green Product Award.

Meat and vegetables prepared with the Infinite Chef frying pan, conical sauté pot and the chinois colander

Premium performance

Get outstanding cooking results with the Infinite Chef Collection’s multi-layer build, no matter the hob. With induction, the steel exterior and three internal aluminum layers allow your pots and pans to heat 14 times more quickly than with traditional stainless steel. Plus the collection is easy to clean and safe for the oven and dishwasher. 

The Infinite Chef Collection in an Electrolux kitchen

Endorsed by professionals

Each piece is at the top of its game, having been designed and created together with professional chefs. For over 90 years, Electrolux has worked with the world’s most prestigious restaurants to innovate and give you the best appliances. The new Infinite Chef Collection is built on the combination of our years of experience and their expertise.

Discover the Infinite Chef Cookware Collection

  • The large stockpot with broccoli
    The large Stockpot

    Think big and enjoy the extra space when cooking large soups and stews with our 9l capacity pot. 


  • The Stockpot for cooking and draining your pasta
    The Stockpot Pasta pan

    Just by lifting it out of the Stockpot, get delicious al dente spaghetti, linguine and fettuccine every time. 


  • The Stockpot steamer set with broccoli
    The Stockpot Steamer Set

    Enjoy fresh, healthy vegetables and fish anytime with this great addition to the large Stockpot. 


  • The Infinite Chef saucepan with some fresh tomatoes and garlic
    The versatile Saucepan

    Simmer tasty sauces and stews conveniently in this easy-to-use, multipurpose 3l pan. 


  • The Conical Sauté cooking some meat
    The Conical Sauté

    Make your vegetables crunchy and your meat succulent when you fry with the Conical Sauté. 


  • The Chinois Colander with tomatoes
    The Chinois Colander

    Making silky sauces and soups is easy with the fine holes in this professional-grade colander. 


  • Meat being fried in the Infinite Chef Frying Pan
    The smart Frying Pan

    Enjoy the best tastes and textures when you brown your steak and fry your fish thanks to an even heat.


  • The Infinite Chef Low Casserole with peppers, onions and garlic
    The Low Casserole

    Double handled and easy to lift, the 4.5l Low Casserole makes big stews, risottos and tagines easy. 


  • Eggs being fried in the non-stick Frying Pan
    The non-stick Frying Pans

    Fry with little or no oil with this set of two champagne-coloured, aluminium-coated pans.