Care guides

Care guides

A professional clean

at home

Even your most delicate fabrics can be safely laundered at home with Electrolux appliances. Fibres are nourished, colours are revitalised and the textures you love are preserved. Clothes that are well cared for have a better, longer life. No dry cleaner required.

How to take care of the clothes that care for you 

The toughest locations, climates and conditions need a garment that will survive the elements. Care properly for your outdoor apparel and it won't just look great. It will take care of you, season after season.

Three different types of Helly Hansen jacket.

Care for every layer

Key to braving the elements is layers. An outer layer, like a ski or sailing jacket, keeps out the wind, rain or snow. The middle - usually fleece or down - traps heat to keep you warm. And a woollen base layer helps you stay dry by keeping your skin moisture-free. With each layer as vital as the next, care for them so they can take care of you - wherever you're exploring.

Outdoor jackets

A Helly Hansen outdoors jacket

How to care for your jacket

Any preparation for a skiing or sailing trip begins with laundering your jacket. If water doesn't bead off the surface, reactivate the repellence with a low temperature wash and dry before ironing. If it feels less breathable, wash it to unblock the pores. Then, after drying, only use a cool iron. Stay safe and maximise your comfort, launder your jacket at home.

Woman holding up her freshly-laundered Helly Hansen ski jacket
The best preparation for the piste

Ready for the outdoors but washed and dried at home with Electrolux

The UltraCare washing machine display panel

Extra rinse, extra performance

Keep your jacket away from softeners, as they can block the pores. This affects your jacket's performance, making it less waterproof and less breathable. Instead opt for a liquid washing product with no additives. And use a second rinse cycle to remove any detergents that might be left behind. So you're left with a jacket that feels and performs like new. 

  • The low temperature program on an Electrolux washing machine
    Choose your detergent wisely

    Be sure to wash your sailing jacket at gentle, low temperatures with a liquid washing detergent free of additives. 

  • A woman holding up a ski jacket
    Use low temperatures

    Dry your jacket at low temperatures. And iron on a gentle heat without steam, using a towel in between to reactivate the water repellence.

  • A close-up of a skiing jacket
    Protect the surface of your jacket

    Empty the pockets and close any velcro tabs and zippers before washing and drying.

Down jackets

A women admiring her freshly-laundered down jacket

Never hand wash down

When it comes to down, always machine wash. To restore its protective qualities only an extra rinse cycle will remove the detergent properly from the feathers. Then to protect its shape, you should scoop it out of the drum after it's been washed. And never twist or pull the jacket to squeeze out the water - press the water out when it's flat.

  • The low temperature program on an Electrolux washing machine
    Use low temperatures

    Be sure to wash your down on a lukewarm, gentle cycle and set the machine on one extra rinse cycle to remove any trace of detergent. 

  • A close-up shot of a drying ball in an Electrolux tumble dryer
    Choose the right cycle

    For the best dry, choose a long cycle at a medium temperature and use drying balls to ensure it comes out light, fluffy and smelling great. Don't take it out until it's 100% dry. 

  • A Helly Hansen down jacket
    Protect the surface of your jacket

    Launder your down separately from other garments with empty pockets, closed velcro tabs and zippers done up to avoid surface damage.

Fleece jackets

How to care for your fleece

Give your fleece the best possible care and launder it at home. The best results come from a warm wash with a mild detergent and no fabric softener. Fleece is great at absorbing water so be sure to select the extra rinse option to remove all the detergent residue. It's always best if you dry it afterwards to keep it nice and soft.

  • The low temperature program on an Electrolux washing machine
    Wash with synthetics

    Don't wash your fleece with cotton garments as they produce lint. Instead wash with other synthetic clothing like polyesters and nylons. 

  • A woman holding a fleece jacket
    Don't iron, use steam

    Tumble dry your jacket on a sport or synthetic cycle. But don't iron it. Instead, try a steam cycle to de-wrinkle and freshen your fleece. 

  • A close-up of a fleece jacket
    Protect the surface of your jacket

    Empty any pockets and close any velcro tabs and zippers before washing and drying to protect your fleece's surface. 

How to take care of a classic

For generations trends have come and gone but the white shirt has always been in fashion. Now keeping it crisp, white and looking its best without a dry cleaner is easy.

White shirt with a laundry tag hanging up in a living room

The cornerstone of your wardrobe

Your wardrobe is a place where you go to create your signature look. You experiment with new trends, combining them with classic wardrobe cornerstones like the crisp white shirt. It's easy to dress up and down. Smart or casual, you can always get creative. The classic shirt is effortless, but chic - your perfect blank canvas.

Woman holding up a freshly-laundered, crisp, white shirt

Keep your shirts whiter than white and beautifully fresh with the best laundry care

  • An unbuttoned blue shirt
    Check the label

    Before washing, unbutton your shirt including cuffs and collars. And be sure to check the label recommendations for the best temperature and basic care guidelines. 

  • A crisp white shirt
    Choose your detergent wisely

    To keep your shirt looking new, use a laundry powder detergent that contains bleach to really make your whites, white.

  • A diagram showing the gap to leave between your clothes and the drum ceiling
    Leave enough space

    Leave a hand's width between your clothes and the drum ceiling to protect all your clothes from detergent residue caused by overloading.

A crisp white shirt at an angle

Say hello to smooth, fresh fabrics. Refresh your clothes quickly between washes using steam

The SteamCare washing machine

Take your shirts to the spa

Your favourite shirts experience a lot. Everyday hustle and bustle will ruin the fresh, crisp feel you love. To get that back in just 30 minutes, our washing machines with SteamCare replicate the spa treatment. They relax fibres and remove odours to bring back that priceless feeling of soft, clean cotton.

A man wearing a shirt that's half creased, half smooth to show the benefits of SteamCare

The power of steam

Hang your shirt in your bathroom while you shower and see how steam can revive your clothes. The extra humidity smoothes out your shirt's wrinkles and keeps it feeling fresh. Or for quicker, easier dewrinkling try our washing machines with SteamCare. The built-in steam cycle means you don't even need to wash your clothes to get that 'like new' look and feel.

How to take care of your woollens

Designed to last for years, wool is a great investment if you take proper care of it. Whether a luxury coat or an everyday sweater, following this advice will help it last.

Washing your woollens

A white woollen jumper hanging up

Why care for your wool?

Wool is an incredible fabric. It's biodegradable, fire resistant and even has UV protection. It's more breathable than any other fibre and actually reacts to the changes in your body temperature. So it keeps you warm when it's cold and keeps you cool when it's hot. Such a useful fabric needs to be cared for properly so it stays looking and feeling new. 

The Woolmark Green logo

Even 'hand wash only' woollens are safe in our machines with the Blue and Green Woolmark symbols

  • The UltraCare Eco display panel showing a cold wash cycle
    Wash cold

    If your washing machine does not have a wool cycle, we recommend that you use the cold wash cycle for 'hand wash only' wool. And always wash your wool turned inside out.

  • A white woollen jumper
    Choose your detergent wisely

    Avoid using heavy duty detergents, 'Bio' detergents containing enzymes, or any detergents containing bleaches. A specific wool detergent should be used.

  • A pile of woollen garments
    Store correctly

    Store your sweaters flat and folded to protect them from stretching. If you have to hang, use specially designed knitwear hangers to give them maximum support. 

A white woollen jumper with an Electrolux well cared for label

Washing wool

You may have been told not to wash wool in a machine. But times have changed. Our UltraCare™ Eco washing machine does more than just clean, it cares for every fibre. It premixes the detergent, and then the softener before each mixture enters the drum. So your wool receives unrivalled softness and a more caring, more even clean.


If you love it, dry it in a machine with a tailored programme for every fabric 

Tumble dry your wool

You can now tumble dry your wool to keep it in amazing condition. DelicateCare dryers offer a unique cycle for wool. The special drum speed keeps your wool flat against the side of the drum. This delivers results as good as flat drying. So you're guaranteed no shrinkage and protection from twists and tangles.

A blue woollen jumper

No more 'hand wash only'

When it comes to your favourite woollens, you need to be sure your machine treats them with the utmost care. Our washer dryers are the first on the market that carry the Woolmark label. Woolmark are the world's authority on wool. So you can confidently wash and dry your most delicate 'hand wash only' woollens in a single machine. 

How to keep your colours bright and smiling

Colour can fade and lose its vibrancy quicker than dark or white clothing. But if you wash with care and a soft touch you will keep your colourful favourites brighter for longer.

Put some color in your life

Colour is positive and cheerful. It adds fun and optimism to your wardrobe and your life. It makes you feel vibrant and alive. But sometimes, coloured clothes are the most vulnerable and prone to wilting and fading. When we treat them with a soft touch, understand their wants and needs and love them right they return that love by keeping us feeling vibrant for much longer.

When selecting a detergent you should consider one that cares as well as cleans. Liquids and gels are kindest on colours.

  • 1
    Sort your garments

    Sort your garments by colour - bright clothes such as purples, reds and oranges can be washed together, so can bright blues and greens. We suggest that if you find an item stands alone on the colour wheel, wash it by hand.

  • 2
    Take care of stains

    Some stains require a little extra care and attention: pre-check the garment and apply a small amount of liquid detergent to the stain area then shake gently in water. Avoid very hot programs because they could permanently seal in any stains or bleeds.

  • 3
    When in doubt - Inside out

    Always turn your garments inside out to minimize rubbing of fibres and make sure you leave a gap between the laundry and the top of the drum that is at least the width of your hand. Choose a low temperature; gentle or medium wash cycle (maximum 30).


Pre-mix detergents and softeners with water for more care.


Play it cool

Our UltraMix system lets you wash your coloured garments at lower temperatures thanks to its unique pre-mixing capabilities. Detergents and softeners are individually pre-mixed in water before touching your clothes for a better, more careful and caring clean even at lower temperatures. Our Ultramix technology is available on all UltraCare machines.

Drying is also caring

When damp colours are stacked, they tend to bleed into one another, so remove them from the washing machine as soon as the program is finished. For drying, it is best to sort by textile, rather than colour. That’s because different textiles have different drying times so you could expose some to unnecessary mechanical action, which wears off the face of the garment and makes it look faded and worn. 

How to turn well worn into well cared for

A great pair of jeans is more than a wardrobe essential, it’s an investment. If you give them the right amount of love and care, your jeans get better and better with age.

Care for your favorite denim

Denim is durable, but if you’re going to get the very best out of your jeans, especially the coloured and printed denims or anything with a deep indigo wash, you need to give them extra special care. The key to a long life is to wash at a low temperature and avoid over washing.

Our OptiSense program automatically adjusts the program to the load and ensures you never over wash your jeans.

  • 1
    Avoid colour bleed

    Be sure to separate your jeans from white or other brightly coloured clothes because they might bleed colour. When possible, use our jeans programme on your dryer: it is designed to preserve colour and give the softest dry.

  • 2
    New jeans - check the care label

    Some manufacturers recommend you do the first wash by hand: turn your jeans inside out, pour a small amount of liquid detergent in the water and let them soak for at least 45 minutes, occasionally agitating them gently. Then rinse thoroughly with cold water and hang them to dry

  • 3
    Detergent for denim

    Be sure to nurture your jeans with the right detergent. You will find many detergents that are specially formulated for colour garments. Liquid detergents or laundry capsules understand jeans best because they’re much gentler on colour. 


Pre-mix detergents and softeners with water for more care

Clean and Nourish your jeans

Our UltraMix system nourishes your jeans as it cleans them. Unlike other machines that mix the detergent and softener in the drum, our exclusive system pre-mixes them before the water even touches the clothes, to give a softer, more caring clean.

Tumble dry for soft jeans 

Tumble drying always leaves jeans a lot softer. Some people suggest you never put your jeans in the tumble dryer. Well, truth be known, modern dryers will leave them feeling a lot softer and help get them back into shape. Just be sure to follow the care label and remove them when they are slightly damp to prevent unwanted creasing. 

How to keep your sport wear in shape

Sport Wear is designed to help us feel stronger, more confident and ultimately more beautiful, both inside and out. When we show our Sport Wear as much care as we do our bodies, it returns the feeling.

Care for your sport wear

The key to a longer life is a cold cycle, so avoid high temperatures, even when you clothes are heavily soiled. We recommend you use a Sport program because it’s fine tuned for sports garments so it washes them more effectively. Take care to choose the right detergent, one that has been specially formulated to handle tough stains and eliminate odours.

We also recommend you avoid softeners, especially with fabrics like Gore-Tex that contain membranes. Softeners can inhibit the fabric’s ability to breathe.

  • 1
    Sweat it out

    Cotton Tees absorb a lot more moisture so they appreciate a little extra tender love and care. Turn them inside out and pour liquid detergent on the underarm areas. Let that soak for about 30 minutes then wash at the highest temperature the label allows.

  • 2
    Sport or Synthetic program

    If you don´t have a Sport program available on your washer and dryer, the Synthetic cycle is very similar. Just be sure to add an extra rinse if the garments are heavily soiled. When drying, make sure to separate cottons from synthetics as they absorb humidity differently.

  • 3
    Keep it fresh

    Keep your Gym bag fresh in between workouts. If you leave a couple of dryer sheets inside your bag it will keep it smelling and feeling fresh in between workouts. Never leave your workout clothes lying in the bag. Get them out as soon as possible, even if you do plan to wash later.

Pre-mix detegents and softeners with water for more care


Clean and Nourish your wear

Our UltraMix system nourishes your sportwear as it cleans them. Unlike other machines that mix the detegent and softener in the drum, our exclusive system pre-mixes them before the water even touches the clothes, to give a softer, more caring clean. 

Simple art of drying

For the best result, use the Sport program as it dries a little more effectively. It has a longer cooling down phase at the end of the program meaning that your sport clothes will be ready to wear instantly. Cottons and synthetics dry at different times because they absorb humidity in different ways, so you should consider separating them before you dry them.