Integrated fridge freezer LNT7TE18S5

Electrolux - Integrated fridge freezer - LNT7TE18S5

TwinTech® with No Frost prevents drying out

TwinTech® No Frost intelligent dual-cooling system locks in hydration of ingredients. Superior to standard total No Frost, it independently cools fridge and freezer. Freezer does not build frost. Fridge keeps the right humidity resulting in 60% less food mass loss with TwinTech® No Frost.

Consistently cool, with DynamicAir

DynamicAir makes sure that the environment inside your fridge is kept at a stable temperature. It works by circulating cool air throughout, meaning that even when the door is opened, your food is protected from heating up.

Electrolux - Integrated fridge freezer - LNT7TE18S5

Setting at your fingertips. With Electronic dual touch control

Thanks to the Electronic dual touch control you never have to second guess what’s going on inside your fridge. You can easily control various functions and set the precise settings for both the fridge and the freezer with just a touch.

Electrolux - Integrated fridge freezer - LNT7TE18S5

Make room for tall items with FlexiShelf

With FlexiShelf, you can reorganise the interior of the fridge however you like. The movable, half-depth glass shelf can slide back, extend fully, or just halfway, to make room for taller items. The right flexibility for all storage needs.

Electrolux - Integrated fridge freezer - LNT7TE18S5

Odour-free fridge, with the CleanAir Filter

Enjoy a fresh-smelling fridge with CleanAir filter Our filter uses charcoal to neutralise strong food odours, protecting the natural aroma of your ingredients.

Tech specification

Key specification
  • Energy class: A++
  • Height: 170 - 179 cm
  • Width (mm): 560
  • Dimensions (mm) (HxWxD): 1772x548x549
  • Height (mm): 1772
  • Width (mm): 548
  • Depth (mm): 549
  • Fridge capacity (gross): 157 litres
  • Freezer capacity (gross): 107 litres
  • Frost free
  • Automatic defrost in fridge
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Intensive cooling with auto switch off - for fast chilling of fresh food
  • 2 salad drawers
  • 1 half width sliding door shelf
  • 2 full width door shelves including bottle shelf
  • 1 full width covered dairy compartment
  • Rising time, h: 25
  • Freezing capacity, kg/24h: 10
  • Noise level, dB(A): 36
  • Frequency: 50
  • Energy efficiency (2010/30/EC): A++
  • Annual energy consumption, kWh: 238
  • Climate Class (2010/30/EC): SN-N-ST-T
  • Product number (PNC): 925 504 032
  • Energy class: A++
  • Height: 170 - 179 cm
  • Width (mm): 560
  • Min. ambient temp, C: 10
  • Cord Length: 2.4
  • Voltage: 230-240
  • Gross volume Fridge/Freezer: 157/107
  • DK_FF_NetVolume_capacity: 152/87
  • Number of thermostats: 2
  • Lamps, refrigerator: 1, Integrated to FanHigh, Internal. LED, With rise-on effect
  • Lamps, freezer: None
  • Number of drawers: 4 Full Width
  • Flaps: No
  • Equipment Zero: None
  • ProdPartCode: All Open


Keep your beverages cool with this universal fridge bottle holder. It stores up to three 1.5 lite...

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