Electrolux - Integrated washing machine - E774F402BI

Smoother results with SteamCare

Our SteamCare System ends each wash with steam to reduce wrinkles by a third. Achieving a smooth finish without the heat of regular ironing.

Electrolux - Integrated washing machine - E774F402BI

Your everyday items, protected with SensiCare

Sensors automatically adjust the cycle settings to the size of the load within the first minute to reduce the time, energy and water used. This means even the smallest load will not be washed for too long, ensuring items retain their look and feel. Less wear and tear, guaranteed.

Electrolux - Integrated washing machine - E774F402BI

Every item more comfortable with SoftPlus

Our SoftPlus Option pre-soaks and distributes clothing evenly. Ensuring every fibre is reached and that every item in the load feels soft and smells fresh for longer.

Electrolux - Integrated washing machine - E774F402BI

Adjust the cycle to suit your schedule with TimeManager®

Make certain the laundry will fit into your schedule. With TimeManager®, you can adjust the cycle and your laundry will be ready exactly when you say so.

Electrolux - Integrated washing machine - E774F402BI

Enjoy a peaceful home with our quiet washing machine.

Washing machines from Electrolux are designed to perform quietly. This means that you can run a cycle while maintaining a calm and comfortable environment.


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