Refresh clothes and neutralise odours* with the FreshScent programme

Enjoy that just-washed feeling with a fraction of the water. By refreshing your clothes with steam, you can neutralise odours* and reduce wrinkles in 25 minutes. For even more freshness, add our steam fragrance to the FreshScent programme.

* External test show neutralisation of cigarette smoke odour in a FreshScent cycle.

Save up to 30%* on time, water and energy with SensiCare

The SensiCare System matches each programme’s settings to load size. Smart sensors reduce the time, water and energy used by up to 30%* for efficient washing—without unnecessary wear and tear on your clothes.

*Internal test for time, water and energy consumption of a 30°C Cotton cycle optimized with SensiCare for a 1kg load vs. maximum load.

Enjoy a peaceful home with our quiet washing machine.

Our low-noise built-in washing machine is designed to perform quietly behind a cabinet door. This means that you can run a cycle while maintaining a calm and restful environment for all of your other activities.

TimeManager® lets you shorten a cycle when you're short on time

Short on time? No problem! When you need to wash a load in a hurry, TimeManager® has your back. It can shorten a washing programme to better fit your schedule.

The Hygiene programme reduces bacteria and viruses

The Hygiene programme is a high-performance wash cycle that reduces bacteria and viruses from clothes. By keeping your wash temperature above 60°C, you can also reduce allergens.


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